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Advanced Senzu Triple Knife Sharpener Pro

Advanced Senzu Triple Knife Sharpener Pro

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Why do we need a Modern Knife Sharpener?

Your modern kitchen and modern lifestyle need a piece of modern equipment too. Your old kitchen knife sharpener could do some upgrade from its old and obsolete way. Now you don’t have to get your hands cut and get injured in the process.

Modern Knife Sharpener offers you a way to keep your new and expensive knives always sharp. It can also bring back the sharpness of your old knives up to par with the new ones.

Why buy our Modern Knife Sharpener?

It has a handle grip where you will hold it compared to the old knife sharpener wherein you don’t have any sense of grip or handle at all. It also has three modes, the FINE, COARSE, and CERAMIC sharpeners to sharpen your knives to.

Now you can choose what mode you can sharpen your knives, if you want it done quickly and very sharp you can use the ceramic sharpener if you don’t need a too sharp knife then the fine one will do.

Also, it comes with an extra grinder head so you will definitely use this tool for a very long time.

This Modern Knife Sharpener offers you options and ways you can sharpen your knives easily and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long should I use this to sharpen my knives?
Not really long, 5 back and forth swipes would do it and make your knives sharp.

Is this electric and automatic or do I have to manually swipe the knives?
No, this is not electrical so you have to manually swipe the knives yourself but it is made easier. The tool has a handle and the sharpeners in place so you don’t have to touch the blades yourself.

What if the sharpeners do not work anymore and are not sharpening anymore?
No worries for that because it comes with an extra grinder head. 

Does this remove rust from the blades?
Yes, that is why after you use the sharpener wash it very carefully.

Package Includes:
*1 knife sharpener with three different modes!


1. Draw knife in the same direction with slightly downward head but not too much pressure.

2. Do not pull the knife backward and forward. Easy to use tool made from good quality materials for quickly sharpening blunt knives right at home.



ANTI SKID DESIGN: Non-slip base helps you to keep it in position while sharpening the blades and it also has ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip


HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: The sharpeners are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, which are durable, have a long service life, and can fully withstand the pressure generated during sharpening.


EASY TO CLEAN: Has detachable blades section, makes it easy to clean


You and knives don’t have to suffer the obsolete and old knife sharpeners anymore because an invention such as the Modern Knife Sharpener makes your life easier and safer.


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